Euro Image Tuning Wiper Delete Plug Install

Took 15 minutes the other day and decided to install my Euro Image Tuning rear windshield wiper delete plug on my MkIV R32. Took a few photos along the way to document the process.


Essentially you just pull off the wiper, then the inside trunk plastic, then the wiper motor, and install the plug. There is a couple great videos on YouTube on how to do all that. The part I had an issue with is how people plug the line for the washer fluid. I wanted to share my simple and easy solution. Let's face it, most of you guys will never reinstall that wiper motor or wiper. If I sell the car, I will sell it with the plug. So know that it's garbage, I grabbed some pliers and broke off the male tube connection from the wiper motor and decided to make it into a plug.

There ended up being some sort of copper tubing beneath the plastic, so I crimped it with some pliers and then filled the center with clear sealant. Now I have a nice little water tight plug in case I ever accidentally actuate the rear washer and to prevent any washer fluid from leaking inside the rear hatch. I like this method because it utilizes the OE clips to secure the line to the wiper motor (see image below). 

After the plug was connected I used some zip ties to secure the tube and the wiring securely inside the hatch where it won't impede the trunk plastic once reinstalled. Job done. Love it!