Euro Hangar 2016 Pre-Meet

Hey SFTG, just got back from Holland, MI last weekend. I was attending Euro Hangar for the first time ever and I brought the camera along to decidedly NOT be lazy and try to bring you guys some good ol' coverage. I got into Holland early enough to attend a pre-meet that was held the evening prior to the event and snapped just a couple pics of some of my favorite cars in attendance. For those of you who have known me for a while and have seen/read some of my coverage from the Lower Standards and Codukt Co. blogs, then you know that I don't do coverage the usual way. I like to take detail shots and be more creative to bring a different point of view to you guys. These shots better reflect how I look around at car meets, the things I notice, the details I see, and the atmosphere I'm in. That being said, this is not a "blanket" coverage.

I decided to lead off this set with the photo that I feel best represents the whole vibe of the meet. I got to meet some new people and see some builds I've never encountered before. This E30, albeit a work-in-progress, was definitely one of my favorite cars at the meet. The fitment stole my heart. The photo though, more importantly, captured the feel of the meet. Golden hour, shooting the shit with friends, and great looking euros. Enjoy the rest guys!