“Only photograph what you love.” -Tim Walker

I’ve always been inspired by my love for cars and by my passion to identify every detail that makes each car unique.  What’s more, I have always cherished the relationship between car and owner, the bond that is created through hours of labor, miles of road, or nights of careful planning. Through my photography, I hope to bring to life this bond between car and owner as well as my personal passion for automotive photography. When I look through the lens of a camera, I want to take the time to properly view my subject from all angles, identify key details, and highlight the curves, colors, and texture that is unique to each of my subjects. Relationships are also key. My favorite part of every shoot also involves the conversations I have with the car owners themselves. I love hearing about the process that has taken place with their cars. I want to know where their car has been, where it is going, and what they are proud of at that very moment. After all, a car’s build is all about the personality of the owner and his or her creative process and passion. Through my photography, I hope to capture all of these details in a creative perspective. I want to highlight each subject in a way that is not only meaningful to the owner, but also to all of the individuals who share the same passion and love for cars as I do.

I am an Air Force veteran, an Air National Guardsman, and a full time engineering student. I plan to continue to pursue automotive photography as well as earn a degree in mechanical engineering. While automotive photography is clearly dear to my heart, I have also greatly enjoyed photographing a variety of other subjects, such as landscape and portraiture. I spend a ton of my free time behind the lens of my camera, always looking through the viewfinder and attentively capturing photographs with a great eye for detail and a love for my art.